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Hybrid G Series 

Providing safe and purified water at every tap. Designed for rainwater supply, these systems are highly effective in reducing up to 99.9% of bacteria in your water. The Hybrid Series also reduces bad taste, odour, chemicals and sediment, it’s easy to install and requires little maintenance.

HybridPlus Series 

Designed specifically for rainwater, the patented Puretec HybridPlus™ is a complete plumb & play package with pump*, filters & UV steriliser all-in-one unit that is weatherproof, rodent proof, tamper proof and reduces pump noise. The HybridPlus™ Series systems incorporate Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s completely eco-friendly, chemical-free and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria including E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium Cysts.


Hybrid M1 

The Hybrid Mini is an undersink filter system that can be connected quickly and easily to any mixer tap. It uses Radfire™ ultraviolet technology to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria. It is eco-friendly and does not use chemicals. It turns your rainwater into safe, delicious and healthy drinking water!

Z Series 

Why select a Z Series cartridge over a traditional dual filter? 

All Z Series cartridges feature multi-stage (3 or 4) filtration with a larger capacity than traditional dual filter systems. All Z Series cartridges utilise Puretec’s quick-twist filter head that turns your existing mixer tap into a filter tap. All the Z series cartridges reduce chlorine, sediment, bad taste & odour.

Puremix Z7
The Z7 is a 1 micron, 15”, filter designed for low pressure, high sediment applications which makes it ideal for mains, rain, harsh and rural water supply. The Z7 inhibits scale and bacterial growth in the cartridge.

Puremix Z6
The Z6 is a 0.1 micron, 15”, filter designed for low sediment mains water applications. Ultrafiltration filters out bacteria such as E. coli.

Puremix Z2
The Z2 is 1 micron, 10”, filter designed for applications with low undersink space. Ideal for bathrooms removing chlorine for drinking water and teeth cleaning.


Why choose whole house filtration? 

Councils typically add chlorine to our mains water supply to kill bacteria ensuring it is safe to drink. But does that mean that the water is now perfect? The bad chlorine taste and odour is undeniably off putting to drink, and in turn affects our long-term hydration. Chlorine exposure for eczema sufferers may play a role in the development or exacerbation, and acts as an oxidiser for coloured hair shortening vibrancy lifespan while leaving hair dry & brittle. Installing a whole house water filtration system will make water more enjoyable to drink, help reduce skin irritation, make coloured hair last longer, help plants flourish, and reduce the need for single use plastic bottles!

WH2 Series 

The WH2 is a dual filter system designed to remove sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odour from your mains water. The WH2 whole house filter is available in 1” & 1.5” connections and 30 to 60 Lpm models.

FilterWall F Series 

Transform the water in your home with a Puretec FilterWall™ F Series. Prioritise the health of your family, protect your appliances and help improve the environment. The FilterWall™ F Series will reduce the chlorine in your water by up to 98% ensuring you’ll have clean, great tasting water from every tap in your house. By reducing chlorine in your water, you’ll potentially notice your family drinking more water, reducing the effects of dehydration and removing the need for bottled water. Along with internal health benefits, reducing chlorine can also help to reduce eczema and psoriasis irritation, while leaving you and your family with softer hair and skin. The FilterWall™ F Series is a 3 stage filtration system designed to be installed along your fence or the side of your house and will provide filtered water to every tap in your home. Available in two different sizes to meet the flow rate of your home, the FilterWall™ F is available in four different colours to match the palette of your home. FilterWall™ F is available with two different cartridge configurations depending on the water hardness in your area.


Product Selector

Not sure which filter you need?Try Puretec’s easy online product selector. The right solution for your application is only a few clicks away!